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Royal Canadian Navy

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HMCS YORK is Toronto’s Naval Reserve Division. The unit has 400+ Non-Commissioned Members and Officers, with most training part-time, and some serving full time on voluntary contract availability. Our primary mission is force generation, to train sailors to support missions of the Naval Reserves, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the Canadian Armed Forces. Our members may serve locally, at bases or coasts across Canada, or overseas, wherever the CAF is tasked in times of domestic relief efforts, national defence operations, or international deployments. Our secondary mission is to enhance the RCN’s presence in the GTA, through strategic outreach and recruitment.


Types of positions:

New Graduate, Summer

Recruiting for:

Naval Reservists serve in a variety of exciting and challenging occupations.

Many Navy occupations train to go to sea in Navy ships. Available “hard sea” occupations include: Marine Technician (MAR TECH), Naval Combat Information Operator (NCI OP), Boatswain (BOSN), and Naval Communicator (NAV COMM).

Other occupations support the work of the Navy from ashore. This list includes: Supply Technician (SUP TECH), Human Resources Administrator (HRA), Financial Services Administrator (FSA), Intelligence Operator (INT OP), Port Inspection Diver (PID), and COOK, who may also go to sea.

All of the above occupations are classified as Non-Commissioned Members (NCMs). They are specialists within their area of expertise, and will gradually grow into leadership roles as they gain skills and experience.

By contrast, commissioned Officers are expected to be generalists, with a broader scope of material. They are placed in positions of leadership immediately following training, and are responsible for the effectiveness, discipline, and morale of the members under their supervision.

The Officer occupations currently available at HMCS YORK are: Naval Warfare Officer (NWO), for those with (or in the process of obtaining) undergraduate degrees; and for those who have relevant degrees and work experience, Training Development Officer (TDO), Logistics Officer (LOG O), and Chaplain (CHAP).

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Related programs of study:

We are especially interested in students with engineering or IT backgrounds, but are looking for full time students from any discipline, who are interested in flexible part time employment during the school year, and full time employment in the summers