Hang out with Friends

A group of friends talking and laughing outside

This is the easiest way to start building your network! These are the people who know you best so they’re the ideal people to recommend you to others for career exploration, or job search information.

It’s important, however, to ensure that your friends know what you’re looking for — so be specific. Give them detailed information, not just about your interests, abilities and experience, but about how they can help you get what you want. Ask your friends how you can help them. Never forget that networks are give and take, not just take.

Example of a good networking request

"I’ve done some volunteer work at YMCA so I’m familiar with non-profit and have some experience working with children and youth, but I’d like to talk to somebody who’s currently working in the non-profit sector about opportunities in program management. If you know of anyone working as a manager in non-profit — or if you know somebody who knows someone — could you please either give me their name or give them my contact information so I can arrange an informational interview? Here is where I can be reached".