Connect with people in the field

Two people talking

While online and print research can be invaluable, there's no substitute for getting information straight from the source!

If there's a particular occupation, field or company you're interested in, find someone who is working in that area and ask if you can speak with them honestly about the job, company, or field they're involved in.

Resources to help you connect with people in your field of interest

Job Search and Networking Strategies: Want to be more effective in getting the job you want? Find out how to uncover and create career opportunities by learning how employers fill job openings. Learn how to uncover hidden opportunities and build relationships that maximize your job search efforts.

Informational Interviewing [PDF - 65 kB]: Tips for informational interviewing from the York University Career Centre.

TASTE (Take a Student to Eat): TASTE’s bite-sized mentoring program gives you the chance to meet with York alumni who will share information about their jobs, industries, sectors and organizations—over lunch!

Career Conversations Panel Series: Listen to inspiring career stories and learn about career options from professionals working in a variety of fields.

Industry Insights Panel Series: Get inside information and tips on securing a job within specific industries.