How to get the best out of an open house?


How to get the best out of an open house?

An open house is a great way to gain information about and compare graduate schools and professional studies programs to be able to make an informed decision regarding applications.

Luke Chang from the University of Toronto explained their open house where they visit various labs to see research in action and see the facilities that the graduate students are provided with. Their program is largely run in labs as opposed to classrooms, so the tours focus on that as opposed to the campus. Instructors and current students are available to answer questions and promote the program.

Chiara Filicetti from Humber College discussed the benefit of attending their open house and any in general. As it is a chance to ask any questions, tour the campus, and see the facilities offered. It is a compact event filled with everything you need to know about being a new student in the program and school. Generally, open houses are hosted in the fall for program-specific sessions and campus-wide as well.


Preparing your application and even deciding whether further education is for you to take researching and planning. Talking to representatives from different schools and programs is a great step within the process as they can answer the questions we asked and individual ones as well. Each of the exhibitors we spoke to was incredibly knowledgeable and willing to answer all types of questions relating to attending their programs and just general advice about applications and admission to Graduate schools and Professional Studies.