Royal Canadian Navy

Our mission is to generate trained individuals and teams for CAF operations, including: domestic safety operations as well as security and defence missions, while at the same time supporting the Navy's efforts in connecting with Canadians through the maintenance of a broad national presence.  This falls into four categories:

1- To respond to domestic safety operations with trained sailors and small boat expertise.

2- To provide specific unique skill sets like Port Security, Inspection Dive Teams and Naval Intelligence for security missions for the Royal Canadian Navy.

3- To augment the fleet on any platform or shore capacity for defence missions, both at home and abroad. Not only provide sailors for the MCDVs, but to frigates and other future platforms as well.

4- To provide the linkage for the Royal Canadian Navy to our local communities, and to be the Royal Canadian Navy's ambassadors, by virtue of having Naval Reserve Divisions across the country, spreading the message of why Canada needs maritime forces.