Miipe Inc

Miipe is an independent software testing consultancy. Our sole focus is on IT testing, from documentation, software and business processes, to overall business goals. Our objective is to help clients deliver superior software implementations, while substantially improving test delivery speed and efficiency.

Miipe has extensive experience working with large enterprise and medium/ small organizations, assisting in the delivery of large, complex, and mission critical projects where quality assurance was of paramount consideration to the successful delivery of solutions.

As a specialized quality solutions consultancy, Miipe delivers industry leading results through the implementation of a comprehensive suite of testing solutions using DevOps, Agile and Waterfall methodologies. Miipe understands that all businesses and technologies have unique challenges, with different levels of complexity requiring different approaches.

Miipe Delivers 100% onshore in Canada, with highly efficient teams utilizing sophisticated technologies that enable for a substantial headcount reduction, faster and higher output, along with cost reduction below volume based competitors. Working smarter and closer to our partners produces proven results.