INVIRO Engineered Systems Ltd.

INVIRO's mission is to lead the ICI sector in designing high performance buildings where people are confident of safe, comfortable and environmentally mindful surroundings. Our designs step outside the box and into the realm of contemporary green design to produce sustainable, efficient facilities for various business sectors. INVIRO’s advanced technical knowledge can help catapult projects to the next level of efficiency, as our LEED department assists in achieving any of the four levels of certification.

We’ve designed distribution centers, commercial retail plazas, automotive dealerships, corporate head offices, restaurant chains, entertainment sites, medical laboratories, multi residential developments and various other facility types.

Our Building Project Services:
• Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
• Project Management
• Inspections
• Commissioning
• Design Reviews
• Fire Protection
• Building Automation

Our Sustainable Development Services:
• LEED Consulting
• Building Durability Analysis
• Energy Modelling
• Energy Management
• Life Cycle Analysis
• Incentives