Alumni Profile

Eugen Spivak, a York alumnus

Eugen Spivak

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Masters of Business Administration
Graduated: 1999, 2006
Current Position: Program Director

Current Career: Program Director - I manage projects by adding clarity, ensuring communication lines are open, creating a culture and spirit of clarity and teamwork.

Why I think I'm living a great life: I believe in the abundance of everything around us: love, friendship, wealth, fulfillment, and of course success!

How I got here: I challenged myself to always choose the most difficult undertaking, because sooner or later, everyone runs out of "most difficult".

What I did when I felt unsure/lost about my career direction: I spoke with those who had more faith than me, borrowing some of it from them. Beware, sometimes destiny may not be letting you forward - as it may be a time for you to offload some of the "good" to other people in need!

Thing that made the biggest difference: Remembering the 80/20 rule and choosing carefully what to apply my efforts to. For example, we need only 20% of knowledge/information to do 80% of work.

How I'm using my degree in my career: My education at York helped me to think in a structured way and with a framework – to allow me to make specific decisions in an ocean of ambiguity.

What I've learned: You don't have to be better than others; you should simply do something differently. Don't go via the beaten path as returns would be below average.