Alumni Profile

Peter Wong, a York alumnus

Peter Wong

Degree: Bachelor of Design
Graduated: 2004
Current Position: Graphic Designer

Current Career: Graphic Designer - As a designer at an ad agency, I work both individually and as part of a team in developing and creating ad campaigns. This whole process includes the brainstorming of ideas and concepts up to the actual production of the final creative work in the form of print ads, brochures, posters, point of purchase displays, websites, etc.

Why I think I'm living a great life: I believe I'm living a great life because I am doing something fun every day for a living. I am doing something creative and making money as well! The working environment is also very laid back and open. It's a great feeling when I can actually see my own work out in the public where it is exposed to the masses.

How I got here: Growing up, I've always had a natural talent for art. I had originally wanted to be an architect early on in high school. However, a year before my high school graduation, York and Sheridan College introduced a new Bachelor of Design joint program and I felt that it was perfect for me. Instead of a career in architecture where it's very streamlined and directed at designing buildings, this new Bachelor of Design program allowed me to pursue a career related to art that had a wider scope in that design reaches all aspects of our society.

Thing that made the biggest difference: The thing that made the biggest difference was having a father working in the design field as well so it was a non-issue to go into this field rather than a more traditional profession. Even if your parents have traditional ideas about what a good career is, I believe if you clearly explain to them what design is all about and why it fits you, they'll be more supportive of your decision to pursue a career in design.

How I'm using my degree in my career: In my everyday work, I am able to use the design theories and principles that I have learned in school. Also, the Bachelor of Design program taught us the business side of design as well, and these business skills that are specifically related to design have been very useful when I do my own freelance work.

What I've learned: I have learned that in the real world, some of your best ideas still get turned down by either your boss or the client. However, you just need to brush it off quickly and move on to come up with the next great idea. You can never dwell on past ideas as even some of the most brilliant ideas by the greatest designers never see the light of day.