Alumni Profile

Joseph Romano, a York alumnus

Joseph Romano

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Education, Master of Education
Faculty: Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Education
Graduated: 2008, 2012
Current Position: ICT Teacher & Position of Responsibility, Toronto District School Board

Current Career: Currently, I work as an ICT Teacher & POR (position of responsibility) with the Toronto District School Board. In these roles, I teach ICT skills, content and strategies to students while performing administrative duties (planning & implementation school-based of initiatives). Overall, I am work with and strive to continue to develop VWP (Virtual World Pedagogy), the topic of my MEd major research paper.

Why I think I'm living a great life: I feel like I'm living a great life because I am learning to meet my passions in all that I venture into.

As I work day-to-day, I strive to make meaning out of tasks that I take on and projects that I complete. Meaning making is key and I believe that if something does not support that creation of meaning it most likely evolves into inauthentic pursuits along unfocused directions. Always strive to do what means the most for you.

How I got here: While at York University, I completed the Concurrent BFA/BEd program for teacher certification. With this, I was fortunate enough to begin teaching directly after graduation in 2008. After graduation, I understood that networking and self-advocy/promotion was key to be to recognized in the Ontario Education job market. I strived to make as many connections as possible, in promotion of my skills and ambitions within the field.

Thing that made the biggest difference: The connection I kept with York University through the completion of my 2 year MEd program, as I continued to teach. The combination of the 2 parts of my life drove both my career and studies in a way where they feed off of one another. What I learned in the classroom at York I applied to my own classroom at work, and visa-versa, a truly holistic approach.

How I'm using my degree in my career: am using my York education in my current career as an Educator. York's programs allowed me to be creative and explore new possibilities that mattered to me within a field I am passionate about - something that I continue to strive for within my day-to-day practice. This is key as my education was customized to my interests, something that I am able to take to my career and apply as I continue to define where I would like to take myself in the future.

What I've learned:

  1. Always stay hungry for more and to do what you are passionate about, not just what you are good at
  2. Strive to be your best by excelling in all that you take on, don't settle for an easy way out, push boundaries and expectations
  3. Passion and commitment allow you to open doors to many opportunities. If you allow yourself to enter into that mindset, you allow yourself to direct your own path toward any direction you choose