Alumni Profile

Fausto Natarelli, a York alumnus

Fausto Natarelli

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Specialized Honours (Political Science)
Graduated: 1984
Current Position: Director

Current Career: Director - I'm the Director of the Ministry of Transportation's border related infrastructure initiatives in the Windsor-Essex Region. I lead a talented multi-disciplinary team of professionals in our efforts to modernize North America's most important trade corridor. Together we work with Canadian and US officials in the policy, planning and construction of hundreds of millions of dollars of investment to bring additional capacity, greater efficiency and improved predictability to the movement of people and goods through this region and across the Canada/US border.

Why I think I'm living a great life: I'm helping to make Ontario a great place to live by ensuring our economy has reliable access to our most important trading partner.

How I got here: I've been with the Ministry of Transportation since graduation. I've held a variety of progressively responsible positions since joining the organization. I started as a policy advisor through a training program and competed for more senior positions over the years. Prior to becoming Director, I held the post of Manager of Policy within this same area.

What I did when I felt unsure/lost about my career direction: Upon graduation I experienced many rejections for interviews and lost several competitions for positions within government. The job prospects were not very good either. I don't have much to offer in the way of advice other than persistence and perseverance. While at the Ministry of Transportation there were instances where I was not happy with my assignments. One of the advantages of working in government is the wide range of work opportunities available all with the same employer. I explored temporary assignments and for 3 years worked at another ministry. It gave me a new perspective on the Ontario Public Service, allowed me to meet new people and re-energized me.

Thing that made the biggest difference: Two things really - hard work and building strong relationships! I've had the opportunity to work on many interesting files and have established a reputation as someone who gets the job done and works extremely well with people.

How I'm using my degree in my career: I was among the first group of students who were able to take advantage of the Public Policy and Administration Program with the Political Science department at York. Having an interest in government, I believe the program gave me a good background and competitive advantage over other job seekers wanting to work in government.

What I've learned: Increasingly, employers are looking for someone who can fit and succeed in a dynamic and multi-faceted work place. Supplement your studies with involvement in campus life, non-governmental organizations, charities etc. You'll contribute to the community and learn extremely valuable skills you can leverage and apply to the workplace.