Alumni Profile

Hon Lu, a York alumnus

Hon Lu

Degree: Master in Environmental Studies (Planning)
Graduated: 2002
Current Position: Senior Project Manager, MMM Group

Current Career: I work as a Senior Project Manager for MMM Group, a private firm that offers comprehensive planning, engineering, landscape design, geomatics, building development, and project management solutions across a broad range of market sectors.

Why I think I'm living a great life: I am making a difference in the environment that I live in, and finding gratification in the urban regeneration of the communities I have worked amongst.

How I got here: Prior to arriving at York, I had already completed my undergraduate degree in environmental engineering at Queen's University. Upon graduation from York with an Urban Planning focus, I worked for the City of Toronto Economic Development Corporation. I worked specifically on waterfront revitalization and brownfields redevelopment.

What I did when I felt unsure/lost about my career direction: I've always believed that one's career is like a meandering river and that the journey towards something was not necessarily straight and directional. Appreciating that one can have many careers in one's lifetime provided a sense of relief. Enjoying every moment of the journey is key!

Thing that made the biggest difference: The thing that made the biggest difference to me with respect to my career path was realizing that it was ok to feel the need to be challenged and satisfied. I realized early on in my career that the vision for what I wanted to do may not exist and that it was important to chart a bold clear path forward.

How I'm using my degree in my career: My York education provided me with the opportunity to expand my understanding and appreciation for how environmental solutions can be manufactured. My self-lead learnings enabled me to help unpack emerging environmental problems, and work towards more strategic, sustainable, and comprehensive solutions.

What I've learned: The key is not to allow those who stand before you to dictate the vision for your future. Find passion in your work, and your work will always find you.