Project Next of Kin Family Violence Support Services

Project Next of Kin Family Violence Support Services provides child and youth care alternatives for families impacted by multiple forms of violence. We are a not for profit, volunteer based organization based in the Greater Toronto Area.

Recruiting for: Intake Co-Ordinators, Family Service/Childminders

Skills: Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the issues related to multiple forms of interpersonal, community and structural violence and the impact on parents, children, youth and their networks. Demonstrated acknowledgement of the operation and existence of multiple forms of oppression. Excellent problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making skills. Demonstrated knowledge of community resources within the Greater Toronto Area.

Programs: Social Work (or any helping profession intersecting with Violence Against Women sector), Early Childhood Education, Business Marketing

Number of positions: 15

Where positions are posted:

Application method: Bring resume to event

How to prepare: Bring resume, smile, open mind and heart.