Jake's House

Primarily through events and programming, we strive to empower children; offer caregivers support and respite; raise awareness; share resources; and build a close-knit community. We are dedicated to delivering assistance to those who need it right now, but we are also determined to establish a support system that will last beyond our lifetimes.

Recruiting for: Looking for volunteers for our Jake's House Legends Mentoring Program. This program seeks to match a caring and understanding mentor and a child with autism to provide mentorship and friendship.

Skills: Someone who is caring, understanding, patient and above all else, willing to help.

Programs: Anyone in educational programs like ECE, but we are willing to speak with anyone who wants to be a mentor regardless of educational background.

Number of positions: 25-100

Where positions are posted: They are posted on our website,

Application method: Through the website:

How to prepare: Resume and business cards.