Girl Guides of Canada

Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) is a volunteer led organization that provides programming for girls, both cis and transgender. GGC is a place where girls are empowered to take the lead, seek new challenges, find their voice, discover how they can make a difference in their world, make friends, find a sense of belonging and be proud of who they are; all in a safe, supportive, inclusive space.

Recruiting for: Unit Guider Treasurer Cookie Orderer

Skills: A few of the below in each individual (not expecting all of them in one person!): Experience working with children and youth Tailoring your approach to different individuals’ needs Public speaking Facilitation and workshop delivery Leadership Mentorship Providing motivation and inspiration Budgeting and financial planning Event planning and execution Teamwork Inter-generational collaboration Time management Organization and prioritization Record keeping Identifying and negotiating with service providers (i.e. campsite rentals, guest presenters) Risk management

Number of positions: 5-20

Where positions are posted: Interested students can apply via

How to prepare: Just bring yourself and any questions you have about what we do at Girl Guides and how a Guider helps with this!