Punjabi Community Health Services

PCHS's mandate is to provide health, settlement and social services to improve the quality of life of individuals, families and diverse communities. We are in partnership with Social Services Network for the Youth Ambassador Project, where we are looking to help youth with mental health concerns in the York region.

Recruiting for: We are looking for Youth Ambassadors, ages 18-24, who are interested in helping youth in the York region. We are looking for volunteers who will engage the community and are willing to work on a mental health forum for this project.

Skills: Volunteers must be professional and have good communication skills. Willing to learn about mental health and must attend training sessions and monthly meetings.

Number of positions: 20

Where positions are posted: The York University Career Centre

Application method: Students can bring resumes to event

How to prepare: Students may bring resumes or can prepare for a short meeting with the representative.