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The name 360ºkids refers to the comprehensive approach that the organization takes to assisting at-risk youth and surrounding them with care, recognizing that these kids need a wide range of supports to help them rebuild their lives. This holistic approach is enshrined in our slogan: Surrounding kids in crisis with care.

360ºkids now serves over 3,000 youth, each year from every municipality in York and this number has grown significantly since our move to the Richmond Hill Hub operating the youth hub and offering even more essential services to youth. Our staff represent many cultures and experiences and have earned a reputation as leaders in offering high quality, innovative programming to the people we serve.

Mission: To help youth overcome crisis and transition to a state of safety and stability.

Vision: Every kid has access to a safe home.

Recruiting for: Special Event Volunteers Recreation Instructor for After School Program Recreation Programmer for After School Program Hair Dresser/Esthetician Mentor Delivery Driver Kitchen Support Recreation & Wellness Instructor Workshop Facilitator Youth Ambassador Leaders Youth Ambassador Advisors

Skills: Each position requires different skill sets Overall we look for people who are sympathetic to youth in need, and have experience working with youth.

Programs: Child & Youth Work Recreation and Sports Management

Where positions are posted:

How to prepare: Bring resume and cover letter, bring contact information and any other relevant information