Participant Profile

Parwez Nejatie

General Manager, Alfasciences

BSc Chemistry, 1998

I graduated from York University in 1998. My major was Chemistry. I also have an associate degree in Chemical Engineering and certification in Quality Assurance and Management. I worked over 12 years in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries. In my academic and work experiences I have gained considerable knowledge and experiences which I can use and pass on to students such as basic knowledge you need to work in Pharmaceutical or Chemical Industries. I have also taught Pharmaceutical R&D, Drug Manufacturing, GMP and Quality Assurance at Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada in EastYork.  I am a former Quality Specialist with GlaxoSmithKline Inc. and Eli Lilly Canada Inc. My current interests are helping students of all age’s transition from high schools to post-secondary schools. I am particularly interested to help students and adults find work and transition in to the work force such as the competitive Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.