Participant Profile

Hillary McMurren

Full time Residential Worker, Salvation Army Evangeline

BA Sociology - Social Justice Studies, 2009

If you would have told me six years ago that I was going to be working in the social services sector, I would have told you that I had different plans. But life had other ideas for me. As a Residential Worker at the Salvation Army Evangeline, I try to assist the people that come into the shelter to get back on their feet, while also helping them realize that they can accomplish “impossible”.

As a Residential Worker, I work with a staff team which provides supervision in the day to day operations of the shelter. I work with the case managers in providing information on the progress of each client's case plan and development. I provide one-on-one informal counseling, mediation, conflict resolution, and assist in encouraging the women who utilize the shelter's resources in reaching their goals.

Salvation Army Evangeline women's shelter does not have a website. Evangeline is a 90 bed women shelter which provides assistance to women who find themselves in need of shelter, are in an emergency situation, or need other assistance. There are women who come to the shelter who are fleeing from abusive and domestic relationships, immigration and court issues, waiting to receive housing, and those who have just arrived in Canada seeking Refugee status. The shelter provides counseling, housing information, medical services, mental health services, and much more.