Participant Profile

Glen Matadeen

Career Management Consultant | Managing Director, The School of Career Advancement Inc.

BA Psychology, 1995

I was always confused as to what I would do as a career and all I knew was I liked to analyze and was interest in learning about how people think, so I studied Psychology. My first career test said that I would do well as a teacher, preacher or counsellor. What I learned from volunteering with a crisis line was that I liked helping people. Then through a work experience, I discovered that I liked working with youth and assisting them with employment-related issues. My work as a Work/Study student at the York University Career Centre took it a step further. I came to the realization that I enjoyed working with educated, intelligent young people and adults.

When I graduated from York, using a Career Association list, I began networking with members of the Association, conducting informational interviews and learning more about the field of career development. With continuous action and follow-up during my job search, mixed of course with days of discouragement, I plunged ahead and got a lead that U of T may be hiring. I then contacted the Director at the U of T Career Centre and was referred to two Managers that were hiring. I met with the Managers for brief informational interviews, applied for 3 similar but different positions, interviewed for the 3 and was fortunate to get the job I really wanted…that was also really suited to my diverse interests and unique personality.

While at the University of Toronto I worked as a Coordinator of Student Outreach and Employment Coach at the Career Centre, Graduate Student Recruiter for the School of Graduate Studies and an Assistant Director with the MBA Career Centre at the Rotman School of Management. I also completed a Certificate in Adult Training & Development and a Master of Education at OISE.

After 19 years at U of T I gain enough momentum to take my career to a new level and Co-founded The School of Career Advancement Inc. My work now falls into three categories. I Coach individuals on all aspects of career development, I consult with organizations and work with them to develop, expand and implement their career services and I teach Professional Workplace Practices at McMaster University Faculty of Engineering.

If you’re searching for your career options meet with me and I will share how I found my path.