Participant Profile

Greg Kelly

Director, Upper Canada Educational Services

Honours BA Geography, 1980

Presently, I am completing my 33rd year in a formal classroom teaching environment with the Toronto Catholic School Board. I have now taught more on-line credit courses than any other teacher in Ontario. I continue to develop an educational services business that focuses on 21st century learning. It is an education consulting firm that specializes in the use of technology in education, Upper Canada Educational Services. It is combining the latest innovations in education with the latest in technology allowing this generation of students the opportunity to learn when they want, at the speed they are comfortable with, and with a very high level of personal learning convenience. Having seen both the public and private side of education, I feel that this year in particular marks a major fundamental shift in education. This past year the Ministry of Education in Ontario is now offering through some school boards the ability for students to attain core high school credits on-line as part of their day learning schedules.

I feel that an aspiring teacher candidate now must not only have many positive humanistic characteristics, but a high level of technological capabilities to be successful. After 33 years of classroom teaching I would like to hope that I have some good insights that I would volunteer to share with students thinking of getting into education.