Participant Profile

Mitch Gordon

Executive & Corporate Strategy Coach, Interra Coaching

BA Sociology, 1992

I am a Certified Coach Practitioner and founder of Interra Coaching. I work with executives assisting and coaching them to set their intentions and achieve their goals. I also offer personal one-on-one Life Coaching that helps my clients see the connection between work/life balance. I have always had the deep passion to guide people to their most fulfilling selves.

How did I choose to be a coach? For me it started with the foundation of wanting to help people. For me seeing people realize their full potential is thrilling. I love the fun that I create with my clients. I am trained to ask my clients powerful questions, trained to listen to my clients, and I am curious and deeply interested in my clients. I have found my passion, WHAT IS YOUR PASSION? HOW DO YOU BRING IT TO TEAMWORK?