Participant Profile

Tony Genco

Vice President, Rapid City Transportation

BA, 1988

"I have had an interesting and varied career of experiences that I have enjoyed greatly and want to impart some ideas to those that attend school at my Alma Mater, York."

Tony Genco, was President and Chief Executive Officer, of Parc Downsview Park Inc. for more than 10 years and has boyhood roots in the Downsview community.  He has an extensive breadth of experience and skills in all facets of public affairs, communications, government relations and management, and is active in many charitable and community activities. Mr. Genco has most served on the Toronto Expo 2015 Steering Committee, the Smart Commute North Toronto-Vaughan Board and the Community Home Assistance for Seniors (CHATS). He currently serves on the Spadina-York Subway Extension Committee, the Columbus Centre, the Vaughan Public Libraries Board, and is an External Fellow at York University's McLaughlin College. Currently he is Vice President of Rapid City Transportation.