Participant Profile

Gillian Doucet Campbell

Manager of Alumni Relations, Hillfield Strathallan College

BA Women's Studies, 1999

When I started my BA I didn't know what I wanted to do - that's why I took Women's Studies. It was so broad but very inspiring and helped to form and shape ideas I always had, but had trouble articulating. Most importantly, it taught me to "think against the grain". From there I went on to do an MA in Counselling Psychology. After working in private practice I realized 'arm's length' support was better suited for me. I soon discovered my strong administrative and fundraising abilities as I worked with a university. After completing an after degree in fund development and working as the Director of Philanthropy for a small NGO based in Winnipeg, but located in places around the world, I now find myself developing relationships with alumni for an independent day school in Hamilton, Ontario.