Steps to Participate

STEP 1: Indicate your interest in participating in TASTE by completing the TASTE (Take A Student To Eat) Alumni Participation Form.

York Alumni interested in participating in TASTE will provide a bio, company information and the date, time, and location when they are available to take two students for a 1 to 1½ hour lunch. If you're interested in taking students on a tour of your organization prior to or after lunch, please submit the time and length of the tour on the online form.

STEP 2: The Career Centre will provide you with the names of the two students who are interested in meeting you over lunch as well as their contact details, program, year of study and why they chose you.

STEP 3: Take two students to lunch and share information about your career path, how you got into your field, the relevance of your degree to your work, your job, industry, sector and organization. You may also provide students with exposure to your workplace and organization by giving an optional company tour.

STEP 4: Following your lunch, you will be asked to complete an evaluation form.

If you have any questions about TASTE please contact:

Surina Sohal
Employer & Alumni Liaison
416.736.2100 x 40792