TASTE: Take A Student To Eat

The TASTE wordmarked on a plate surrounded by cutleryThe TASTE Program is designed to give York students and alumni an opportunity to make meaningful connections. TASTE lunches happen year round during the Fall/Winter and Summer terms.

Alumni are eager to support the University as volunteers and share their experiences and expertise with current students.

Students look for connections with alumni professionals who've followed similar paths and can provide them with inside information and career advice.

Objective of the TASTE Program

A teacupThe objective of this program is to provide York students with an opportunity to talk face to face with a York alumna/us about their career-related interests. The program pairs two students with a York grad over an informal lunch setting during which the alumna/us shares information about their job, industry, and organization while students gain inside information and inspiration from someone who's been there.

How it works

York alumni interested in participating in TASTE will provide a bio, company information and the date, time, and location when they are available to take two students for a 1 – 1 ½ hour lunch.

Optional Company Tour – Provide students with exposure to your workplace and organization by giving a company tour. If you're interested in taking students on a tour of your organization prior to or after lunch, please submit the time and length of the tour at the same time you submit your lunch availability.

Students interested in participating in TASTE will complete an online form and choose which alumni they would like to have lunch with and provide reasons why. The Career Centre will complete the matching process.

Two students will be selected to have lunch with each alumnus.

Prior to the lunch, students will be required to attend a Stand Out At Interviews & Networking Events workshop OR Dining Etiquette workshop at the Career Centre.

What are the benefits of participating in TASTE?


You'll find that volunteering as a TASTE alumni participant has great rewards. You'll have an opportunity to:

  • Help students explore careers
  • Make a positive contribution to the student experience
  • Share information about your job, industry, sector and organization with York students
  • Give back to the student community by giving career advice and guidance in an informal setting
  • Further your own level of engagement with York University
  • Feel more connected to current students
  • Find out what's happening on campus today


A TASTE lunch appointment is a great opportunity for you to tap into the real life experiences of a York alumna/us who is willing to take you to lunch and share her/his personal career experiences and knowledge with you and another student. You'll have an opportunity to:

  • Gain inside information about a particular industry, sector or organization from a York Alumnus
  • Learn how to do an informational interview and find out how to make a great first impression
  • Get career-related information and support
  • Build your network of professional contacts within the York community
  • Be inspired by alumni career stories
  • Learn more about what you can do with your degree from someone who's been there