Participate in a Co-op or Internship

Student working as an intern

An internship is a type of work experience associated with a program of study. You may be eligible to participate in an internship associated with your studies at York, or you can approach an organization about creating your own internship.

Keep in mind that only internship programs coordinated by York are tied to academic programs so you won't get academic credit for internships you set up yourself. The benefits you reap from participating in an internship are tremendous whether tied to an academic program or not.

Internships have many benefits

An internship—whether paid or unpaid—is an excellent way to:

  • connect with people in your field of interest and explore your fit for a particular field or occupation;
  • make a positive impression on a potential employer – by showing them that you can do the job; and
  • “try out” an occupation, organization or industry.

Internships can help you get a job

An internship gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills, abilities and working style to an employer in an actual workplace in your chosen field. It can provide valuable experience that makes you a stronger candidate for a paid position and it gives you the opportunity to meet people in your field. It isn't unusual for a hardworking intern to be offered a paid position for the summer or after graduation.

Internships are a way to explore your options

An internship gives you the opportunity to sample the setting, tasks and responsibilities of a position, interact with others who are already working in the field, and get a sense of an industry or organization from the inside. Is a certain type of job or company right for you? An internship can help you make the decision to pursue a specific career path—or to rule it out.

Resources to help you learn about internship opportunities on and off campus

York Internship Program: York offers an experiential internship program in a range of academic areas for eligible full-time Honours students.

York International Global Internships: York International offers international internship programs for York students.

The Career Centre’s online job posting system: many paid and unpaid internships are posted here throughout the year.

Going Global (click the Going Global button on the home page after you login) is an online resource for those seeking international internships, volunteer or paid positions. It’s free to York students and you can login using Passport York.

Resources to assist you in locating, evaluating and applying to an internship program

Students Describe the Benefits of Internships: In this Monster article, students discuss the various ways they’ve benefited from internships.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad: offers unpaid international internships to students and new graduates. Participants have the opportunity to gain professional experience abroad in a wide variety of fields.