Join an online community

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You probably already use social media like Facebook or Twitter, so you likely already have an online presence — but are you using it to help your future career?

Think about your privacy settings

Since most people are familiar with social networks, it's important to have a solid understanding of your privacy settings and what is appropriate to communicate to potential employers…and what's not. Obviously, your growing professional network having access to your spring break photos is not only unnecessary, it may even damage your reputation now and in the future — so make sure you know who has access to what!

Create an online profile specifically for professional purposes

Consider setting up a LinkedIn profile. While Facebook is primarily a social tool, LinkedIn was specifically developed to help you build and maintain a solid network of professionals in your field, and to aid employers in finding you.

Resources to help you use social media in your career planning and job search

Job Search and Networking Strategies

Social Networking in Plain English: This brief video provides an overview of social networking and why it’s important.