Join a club or team

A group of students standing in a circle looking at the camera

You never know who you'll meet while participating in a club or on a team. It doesn't have to be a career-related club either. Any club you're interested in can provide opportunities to connect with others.

The trick is to ensure that everyone in your club knows who you are, what your skills are, and what you're interested in career-wise. Take the time to learn the same information about your fellow club members so you can be of help to them if the opportunity arises.

Join a club or organization right here at York

There are hundreds of clubs and organizations on campus and some of these are related to potential future career paths. For example:

  • the Actuarial Students Association,
  • the Undergraduate Political Science Council, or
  • the Pre-Optometry Club.

These clubs are run by York students interested in a specific industry or occupation and who often work to organize events and activities of interest to those wanting to enter the field.

Visit YUConnect to learn about the 250+ student clubs and organizations right here at York! Keep track of what activities you've participated in and the many skills and abilities you develop while you're involved.

Teams are also a great way to meet new people…

…and they’re a great way to demonstrate valuable skills to potential employers, like how well you’re able to work with others to achieve a common goal. They show your motivation and your ability to manage your studies while participating in extra-curricular activities and, of course, they provide you with a source of new connections as you add your fellow team members to your network!