Identify Networks

Woman pointing to one node in a graphic representation of a social network

Start by taking a few minutes to look at who is in your current network. You'll be surprised at how extensive your network already is!

Identify your current network

Make a list of friends, family members; as well as family members of your friends. You may also include teachers, professors, employers, or volunteer supervisors. Try not to leave anybody out!

Think of ways your network could be helpful to you

Once you have completed your list, consider if there any people among your current connections who are in the field you’re interested in, hoping to get into that field, or who may know somebody in that field. If so, find a way to make a connection with them. If it’s somebody already working in the field you’re interested in, an informational interview might be a good way to start.

Resources to help you identify and develop your network

Job Search and Networking Strategies: Want to be more effective in getting the job you want? Find out how to uncover and create career opportunities by learning how employers fill job openings. Learn how to uncover hidden opportunities and build relationships that maximize your job search efforts.

The Importance of Professional Networking: This brief video answers the question: “Is it important to network when I’m not job hunting?”