Get involved in an activity

Three students working on a computer together

If you don't have time to join a club or team, or commit to volunteer work, look for opportunities to get involved in "one time only" activities or those with minimal time commitment.

Can you spare a day?

There are many events and activities on campus that benefit from volunteers and the time commitment is minimal—sometimes even less than a day! That day or partial day, however, can provide an excellent opportunity for you to gain some experience to put on your resumé and to connect with other volunteers, event organizers, and participants.

Actively look for short-term opportunities

Keep your eyes peeled for flyers for events and activities around campus. Contact groups or departments who you know organize activities and ask for ways to get involved. Reach out to a local community organization to see if there are ways you can participate in their annual events.

Resources to help you get involved in your community

Search for “volunteer opportunities” on the Career Centre’s online job posting system.

Volunteer at a campus event like the Career Centre’s annual Career Fairs, Graduate and Professional Studies Expo or Volunteer Fair.

Extra Curricular Activities can be a help when looking for a job:  This CV Tips article talks about the ways in which extra-curricular activities develop transferable skills that are valuable to employers.