Do Volunteer Work

Volunteering is valuable because:

Hands in the air volunteering

  1. It gives you an opportunity to meet people and “try on” an organization or position in a field you may be interested in to see if you’re a good fit.
  2. You can learn new skills and gain experience to include on your resumé.
  3. Your volunteer work can demonstrate to those who may be in a position to recommend you to others or hire you for a paid position what kind of person you are (e.g. how you work with others, how you approach tasks, how you take initiative, how you manage your time). A candidate who has already proven that they can succeed at the job is a much stronger candidate than an unknown.

Resources to help you explore volunteer opportunities

Search for “volunteer opportunities” through the Career Centre’s online job posting system.

Meet organizations with a variety of opportunities to get involved and build career-related skills at the Career Centre’s annual Volunteer Fair.

Visit these websites to find out about volunteer opportunities in your area:

Benefits of Volunteering: This 2-page fact sheet shows the results of the 2000 National Survey on Giving, Volunteering and Participating--and includes Canadian data on the employment-related benefits of volunteering.

Volunteering May Help You Get Your Next Job: This short video posted by VolunteerMatch shows the many ways volunteering could help in your job search.