Research educational programs

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If you've determined that the occupation you're interested in requires post-graduate study—or that you would increase your odds of success in your chosen career with some education beyond the Bachelor's level—begin to research the different programs available and the institutions that offer them.

Questions for research include:

  • Is this program recognized by the industry I'm interested in?
  • What are the admission requirements?
  • Is an audition, portfolio or interview required?
  • Is an entrance exam or standardized test necessary? (some educational programs like law school, medical school and graduate programs have special testing procedures. Booklets about many of these tests can be accessed online)
  • What are the costs associated with this program?

Resources to assist you in researching your further education options

York University’s Faculty of Graduate Studies: Check out the many graduate degrees and post-graduate programs offered right here at York! (Universities Canada): Choose the type of program you’re looking for and find which Canadian universities offer that program.

Gradzilla: Research graduate programs in the US with this Facebook application.

Career Cruising (login information can be found on the home page of the Career Centre’s online system) will allow you to research by school, academic program or apprenticeships so you can find Canadian or US institutions offering the program you’re looking for.