Articles & Resources in Sports & Recreation

Professional associations, universities and colleges, government agencies, and peer reviewed/scholarly journals are all excellent sources from which to retrieve articles and resources related to careers.

Careers in Sports: an in-depth analysis of the diverse career options available in the world of sport. It includes interviews with people from different facets of the sports industry, providing insights on a typical day in the life of these careers along with advice on the qualifications and experience required for a career in sport.

Careers in Exercise and Sports Science: From Athletic Performance to Disease Prevention: features interviews with sports and exercise scientists from diverse backgrounds to showcase what their jobs are really like and how they made it there.

Fitness and Wellness Jobs: this article highlights that professional sports is also a business that requires individuals who can combine an interest in sports with other less physical skills to keep it running.

Information on Careers in Sports Media: this article highlights some careers available in sports media that require different talents and skills.

Scoring a Career in Sports Science: profiles an engineer, a physiologist and a sports psychology researcher who have incorporated their passion for sports into their careers.

Please Note: Descriptions of many of these online resources are taken from language used on external websites. Claims and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Career Centre or York University.