Medicine & Health

A medical professional analyzing a computerized image of a person

The medical and health sector may be thought of as those careers that are dedicated to illness prevention and health maintenance. Occupational clusters within this sector may include counselling and mental health, medicine, rehabilitation, health management; as well as medical and health related research. Research may focus on the study of factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, or examine the efficacy of treatment options for optimal care. Occupations in the medical and health sector may be of interest to individuals who desire to work with people, those concerned with maintaining their physical fitness and wellness, those dedicated to assisting others in need, those curious about medical and scientific advancements, and those who may wish to manage and/or support professionals committed to medical care.

Occupational Clusters in Medicine & Health

Occupational clusters refers to groupings of careers that are similar based on required skills, knowledge, duties, education and working environments. Career exploration is often facilitated by identifying occupational clusters of interest.

Professional Organizations & Associations

Professional organizations and associations are an excellent way to learn more about a career of interest, professional designations, and networking opportunities.

Student Groups on Campus

Student groups are a great way to learn more about a career of interest, contribute to the community, and build your social and professional networks. To find out more about student groups on campus, visit YUConnect.

Articles & Resources

Professional associations, universities and colleges, government agencies, and peer reviewed/scholarly journals are all excellent sources from which to retrieve articles and resources related to careers.

Professional Development & Training

Professional development and training may include specific courses, workshops and training, additional certification(s) or professional memberships that you may obtain at the same time as you complete your degree or after you graduate.

Funding, Scholarships & Awards

There are numerous scholarships, prizes, awards and funding opportunities for students both inside and outside of York.

Job Postings, Internships & Volunteer Opportunities

Targeted job posting boards list available jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities in specific fields.