Articles & Resources in Government

Professional associations, universities and colleges, government agencies, and peer reviewed/scholarly journals are all excellent sources from which to retrieve articles and resources related to careers.

How to Get a Canadian Government Job: the Canadian Government offers over 1,000 types of opportunities in more than 1,600 locations within Canada and in 150 countries around the world. This article offers useful tips on how to apply for these varied opportunities.

Canada Info: an overview of Canada and its history, government, geography, its profile in the world and its security and defense to name a few topics. The section on government is a helpful guide to the levels of government and their ministries.

How to Get a Government Job in Ontario: a straightforward guide to the official procedures for applying to the many job opportunities within the Ontario government.

Canadian Government Federal Jobs: information on the requirements for jobs with the Canadian government along with many links to job posting sites where these jobs can be found.

Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying in Canada: 10 things you should know about lobbying

Lobby Like a Pro: first appeared in the directory of Canada's federal and provincial governments.

Intelligence Officers in Canada: this CSIS recruitment officer explains the basic functions of intelligence officers in Canada.

CSIS: Physical Surveillance: officers reveal what really happens in a field you probably only know from television.

CSIS: Global Operations: people who work in the CSIS Global Operations Centre work behind the scenes to keep Canada safe.

CSIS: Security Screening: aim is to prevent people of concern from gaining access to sensitive government assets, locations or information.

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