Occupational Clusters in Arts & Culture

Occupational clusters refers to groupings of careers that are similar based on required skills, knowledge, duties, education and working environments. Career exploration is often facilitated by identifying occupational clusters of interest. Career Cruising (login information can be found on the home page of the Career Centre's online system), an online career exploration tool, provides information on careers including: job descriptions, working conditions, education, career paths, related jobs, and interviews with professionals in the field.

Culture & Heritage

People in this cluster focus on the portrayal, preservation and promotion of the traditions, history, art and other forms of cultural significance. Job titles include: Heritage Interpreter, Special Events Manager/Co-ordinator, Arts Promoter, Media Relations Officer, Program Planner.

Library & Museum Curation

Roles in this cluster are concerned with the preservation, display and interpretation of historical as well as contemporary art, crafts, archaeological artifacts and other forms of cultural expression. Job titles include: Librarian, Knowledge Manager, Curator, Docent, Exhibit Designer, Museum Educator.

Multimedia & Graphic Design

The line between technical and artistic ability in this cluster is a fine one - you need both. There are lots of opportunities for Web Designers, Multimedia Designers, Interactive Designers and User Experience Designers in every sector.


Musicians aren't the only people working in the music industry. Concert Promoters, Sound Technicians, Music Journalists, Agents, Digital Recording Artists, Songwriters, Promoters, Media Relations Officers and many other people work together to bring music to your ears!

Visual Art

Being able to represent things visually opens up many more career paths than 'Artist' and 'Teacher'. Every sector has roles for artists including design firms, the media, industry and manufacturing and tourism to name a few. Look beyond the job title — many roles won't be named 'Artist' or Illustrator' but will require that skill set.


Many dancers want to make their living in dance-related careers, even when they can't be on stage. Performances offer many employment opportunities such as Designer (set, lighting, costume), Make-up and/or Hair Stylist, Therapist (physical, massage), Fundraiser, Administrator, Public Relations Representative and Production or Stage Manager.


Theatre is both a passion and an industry with many career opportunities both on and off the stage including: Manager (stage, box office, casting), Drama/Speech Coach, Production Assistant, Voice Over Artist and Costume Designer.


Film is both an art and an industry. As such, there is a plethora of opportunities to be involved in professionally at all stages of production and distribution. Job titles include: Best Boy, Personal Assistant and Boom Operator.