Articles & Resources in Arts & Culture

Professional associations, universities and colleges, government agencies, and peer reviewed/scholarly journals are all excellent sources from which to retrieve articles and resources related to careers.

ACTRA Resources: tips and resources to help you learn more about performing in film and television.

Finding Your Way: resources for career paths in all streams of York's Fine Arts program.

Arts Alive - Hey Students: resources for students on arts and culture in Canada, including the cultural industries.

Canadian Actor Online: provides guidance on entertainment industry standards of ethical business practices and has an online community for actors living and working across Canada.

Dance Ontario: a key resource to Ontario's dance milieu and central to the diverse sector's communications and networking, providing management training, advice and industry information.

Lar Lubovitch Dance Company: lists a range of careers related to the field of dance.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism: an overview of the primary cultural areas that are funded by the ministry for public enjoyment.

Northern Stars: Canadian Movie Database: lists of Canadian actors, directors screenwriters and composers.

Writer's Cafe - Everything You Need to Write Fiction: a set of tools for all fiction writers, whether experienced or just starting out.

Writing Career - Career Advice for Writers: advice on career training, career education, and changing careers aimed at writers.

Visual Arts Career Guide: Explore careers in art with links to job descriptions and information about daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training requirements.

Jumpstart Your Film & Television Career: tips on how to launch a career in one of the most competitive fields out there.

20 Myths About Becoming a Photographer: 20 tips from a professional photographer.

So You Are Interested in Becoming a Photographer: A professional photographer answers a student's letter inquiring about photography as a career.

How to Become a Professional Photographer: Professional photographer, Danny Steyn, answers questions about how to get started in professional photography, how to get your photos published, and how much to charge.

Art Therapy: This site provides information and resources for those practicing or interested in Art Therapy.

So You Want to be an Art Therapist: This seven part blog discusses all aspects of becoming an Art Therapist; from education and credentialling to making a living.

Art Therapist: On this site, an art therapist shares her experiences and provides resources.

Music Therapy Maven: A board certified Music Therapist provides information about Music Therapy, developing a therapy practice, and her own journey in the field.

So you want to become a music therapist: This blog entry from The Mindful Music Therapis provides 10 helpful facts for aspiring music therapists.

Please Note: Descriptions of many of these online resources are taken from language used on external websites. Claims and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Career Centre or York University.