Ministry of Education, Official Languages Programs - Odyssey & Explore

The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), in cooperation with the provinces and territories, administers the Official Languages Programs. These language learning and exchange programs are funded by Heritage Canada and promote Canada’s official languages.

Odyssey is a nine-month, paid, professional work experience as a language-assistant. It gives participants the opportunity to travel to another province or territory than their own while sharing their language and culture. Under the supervision of a teacher, language-assistants work in a school environment to motivate, encourage, and enrich the lives of students. For more information, please visit

Explore is a five-week language bursary program offered to university, college or high school students in at least grade 11. Explore is open for both French and English language learners at any skill level. The $2,200 bursary covers most of the expenses and gives participants the opportunity to discover another region of Canada in spring or summer while learning their target language. For more information, please visit

Types of positions:

New Graduate, Summer, Bilingual (French/English), Part-time

Recruiting for:

We are recruiting Ontario residents for over 60 Language-Assistant positions with the Odyssey work experience program and for over 2,000 Explore five-week French-language immersion bursaries.

Number of positions:

60+ Odyssey positions and 2,000+ Explore bursaries


Odyssey Language-Assistants have a desire to make a difference in the lives of students by helping them to improve their knowledge of the English language. They share their culture and the unique linguistic features of their home region while living in a community where English is the minority language.

Explore bursary recipients have a desire to discover another region of Canada while learning French.

Where positions are posted:

Please visit,, or see our job postings on the York University Career Centre job posting board.

How to prepare:

Please visit our website in advance, come say hi and be prepared to ask us any questions you have regarding the eligibility criteria, application process, and program benefits.