Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC)

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC)


ODYSSEY is a paid professional work experience program that gives you the opportunity to travel to another province or territory and make a difference in the lives of students while sharing your language and culture.

EXPLORE is a 5-week French-language bursary program providing students who are French language learners at any skill level opportunities to discover another region of Canada while learning French. The $2,200 bursary covers most of the expenses.

Types of positions:

New Graduate, Summer, Seasonal, Part-time, Other

Recruiting for:

We hire over 360 Odyssey Language-Assistants from across the country and offer over 2,200 Explore French-language program bursaries to Ontario students each year.

Number of positions:


Where positions are posted:

You will find the Odyssey job posting on the York University Career Centre job board.

How to apply:

Please apply online at or

How to prepare:

Bring your questions, comments, or feedback! We are here to answer your questions, are happy to share our experience as program participants, and love to hear from other past Odyssey and Explore participants.