Booking Workshop Appointments

Steps to booking an event/workshop appointments:


Login to Experience York (you will be able to sign in using your Passport York and register for appointments and events on the system).

Once logged in from the menu tab select Events & Appointments tab to the left, then select Workshops tab

Symplicity online system screen shot of left navigation - Events and Appointments

From the Workshop/Appointment Type box on the right, select the Desired Appointment Type from the drop-down menu and select Search

Symplicity online system screen shot of search by appointment type

Scroll Down to the time and date of the appointment that you want to select and click the Registration box under your selection.

Symplicity online system screen shot of how to choose appointment and click register button

*If you do not see a registration button under the listed appointment that option is already filled*

If there are no appointments available for that week, check online for daily appointment cancellation openings orNEW set of appointments for the following week becomes available Friday at 4:00pm (these do go quickly).

If you have any other questions please feel free to call our office.